September 3, 2008

Garena Portal Game

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Garena is a application portal game, here you can play with everybody at worlds that use Garena as portal the game

At garena found several games that can you play, to perfoming game exist in garena you must has game formerly.

this is several game exist in garena:

1. Warcraft III
2. Starcraft
3. Counter Strike
4. Age of Empire I: The Rise of Rome
5. Age of Empire II: The Conquerors
6. Call of Duty
7. Sudden Strike
So, do you want to try garena? ? ?

To download garena, click here…!!! Registration needed… to register click here

Garena Official websites



  1. antokboz said,

    wah banyak juga !!!
    tetep kembangin blog mu !!!!

  2. atchucan said,

    i love garena man

  3. Just az said,

    atchucan <<<

    garena main apa lo ??? wa main DOTA aja…!!!

  4. Just az said,

    me… move to


  5. zeth said,

    sali aq

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