April 6, 2009


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September 3, 2008

Garena Portal Game

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Garena is a application portal game, here you can play with everybody at worlds that use Garena as portal the game

At garena found several games that can you play, to perfoming game exist in garena you must has game formerly.

this is several game exist in garena:

1. Warcraft III
2. Starcraft
3. Counter Strike
4. Age of Empire I: The Rise of Rome
5. Age of Empire II: The Conquerors
6. Call of Duty
7. Sudden Strike
So, do you want to try garena? ? ?

To download garena, click here…!!! Registration needed… to register click here

Garena Official websites

September 2, 2008

Download Hidetoolz

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Hello Cheaterz

If you want use RE ( Revolution Engine ), you must have hidetoolz…!!!

there are some hidetoolz, this is link to download hidetoolz:

  1. Hidetoolz.exe
  2. Hidetoolz.ini

Follow this step for using hidetoolz… check this out :

  • Run  RF_online.exe
  • Run Hidetoolz.exe (if u get error then try to turn off your antivirus)
  • Search the rf_online.bin
  • Right Click the rf_online.bin
  • Select Hide (there will be * symbol appear in the left of rf_online.bin like hidetoolz.exe)
  • Run again RF_online.exe

There are is hidetoolz step, now you can use hidetoolz safely.,.!!!

Happy Cheating

August 31, 2008

Tutorial Cheat RF Online

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What’s up Cheaters


Now you there is no need to again, because tutorial cheat rf there here
From cheat easiest until hardest there. . . ! ! !

Just watch and learn. , . and has fun

This is tutorial with hidetool, so you can use cheat continual without afraid found out and get banned


You can download here. , . click here to download tutorial cheat rf online




Happy Cheaters

August 30, 2008

RF Online Indonesia Private

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Hello RF Lovers

If you don’t like use cheat, you can play RF online at RF online Private Server

In Private server you will get:

  • 10x exp and 10 PT
  • 2,5% item drop

you can try it at private server RF online Indonesia

Download Thunder Engine

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Hi Gamers

If CE doesn’t work, you can try thunder engine

Try it…!!! hihihi ^^

August 29, 2008

Download Cheat Engine

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To run cheat RF your Indonesia must has CE (cheat engine).
you can downloaded here

try it…!!!

Download DOTA map v6.54 ai+

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Hello Gamers

If you DOTA lovers certain you wait map DOTA newest.
here now can downloaded map dota newest. . .

Take it’s: